Office Equipment

Office essentials include office equipment as it helps the members of a specific department operate efficiently and in organized manner.  However, this type of office essential cost considerable amount of money and time in its acquisition. Shop We Go is an online stationery shop that also offers great selection of equipment for office and home use.

We have a list of products that would help offices and other establishments manage their areas well and perform their functions more effectively and efficiently. They include storage cabinets and drawers and others that help offices maximize the space allotted to them.   With our selection, office processes could also be completed faster than usual which is a great help in developing better relationship with clients or customers and provide the quality of service they expect.

All items found in our store are offered at most reasonable prices and based on their quality, brand and functionality.

Binding machine

Labelling Machine

Cheque writer & Accessories




Air Purifier

Laminator & Accessories

Note & Coins Counter

Time Recorder / Time Card


Hot Sale Products

  • Sale! 3452 SERIES IORANGE

    . Garbage Bucket Trash Can Waste Bins Metro 3452 (23 Litre)(BK)

    $14.90 $10.43
  • Sale! 3451 SERIES BLACK

    . Home Office Waste Bin 11L 3451 | Metro

    $6.60 $4.62
  • Sale! 3457 SERIES TB

    . Pen & Pencil Rectangle Tray Holder 3457 | Metro

    $3.20 $2.40