Epson EB-530 Projector


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Product Description

Impressive Screen Size at Close Range

      Deliver uninterrupted presentations every time with Epson EB-530 projector. This projector boasts a throw ratio as low as 0.48, allowing you to project an 80-inch large screen from just 83cm away.


Reduced Shadow Interference & Minimised Glare

      The short throw distance also significantly reduces glare on the presenter and shadow interference on the screen, making the viewing experience conducive and comfortable for everyone in the room.


      Interactive pen feature is only available for EB-536Wi.


    Eco-friendly and Cost-efficient


    Longer Lamp Life

        With a long lamp life of 10,000 hours in eco-mode, the frequency of costly lamp replacements is reduced, saving you time and money.


    Light Optimiser

        Save energy consumption and do your part for the environment with the eco-friendly Light Optimiser function. This feature automatically adjusts projection brightness according to image content brightness, giving you power and cost savings. This function can be turned on/off according to your preference.


    Flexible Positioning


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