edding 8750 rd
edding 8750 wtedding 8750 yledding 8750 rd

Industry paint marker for oily, dusty and dark materials Edding 8750,10pcs/set



Product Description

  • For permanent marking on slightly oily, dusty and dark materials.
  • Waterproof, low-odur, opaque laquer finish and extremely lightfast.
Shake the pen & pump the nib carefully up and down

Shake the pen with the cap on. Remove the cap and place the nib of the pen onto a piece of cardboard. Carefully pump it up and down until ink flows into the nib.


Product characteristics
  • Available in seven colours
  • Stroke width: Approx. 2 – 4 mm
  • Nib: Bullet nib
  • Replacement nibs: Yes



Additional Information


Red, Yellow, White