ClassPad II fx-CP400

Casio Calculator ClassPad II fx-CP400


Colour Display

  • Graphic Models With Cas Capability
  • 515,000 bytes
  • 25 Characters by 15 lines

Product Description

  • Plastic keys

    Designed and engineered for easy operation.

  • Natural textbook display

    Display expression same as textbook.

  • List based STAT-data editor

    Viewing and editing of input data in list format, showing data groups (x-data, y-data, frequency) and surrounding data.

  • Multi-replay

    Quick and easy recall of previously executed formulas for editing and re-execution.

  • 10 + 3 digits

    10-digit mantissa + 3-digit exponential display.

  • Color display

  • Icon menu

    Specify the operation you want to perform by selecting an icon or inputting a number.

  • Dot matrix display

    High-resolution screen provides beautiful looking graphs every time.

  • Data communication with a personal computer

    Allows data communication with a personal computer.


Vivid Color Display and Touch Panel for Superb Usability

Horizontal Screen View

Horizontal Screen View

Display long formulas on a single line.

Beautiful 4.8-inch color display

Beautiful 4.8-inch color display

Formulas, graphs, and other graphics are sharp and clear.The display has resolution of 320 x 528 pixels (more than 65,000 colors), 4.4 times higher than ClassPad 330 PLUS.

Pen-touch Operation

Pen Touch Operation

Quickly and easily create graphs using drag and drop.

Simple interface

The fx-CP400 has simple, easy-to-understand menu icons, menu bars, and toolbars and an interactive interface.
Main menu
Main menu
Menu bar
Menu bar
Interactive interface
Interactive interface

Touch-panel operation by stylus or finger

The fx-CP400 offers intuitive stylus touch-panel operation that eliminates complicated key operations. Graphically display mathematical formulas by simply dragging and droppingthem into the graph area.

Create a graph by selecting a formula
and using drag and drop.

Touch-panel operation by stylus or finger

Brand-new software keyboard

The fx-CP400 supports learning of basic functions usedby everyone, such as fractions, square roots,and trigonometric functions, advanced functions likedifferential calculus, complex compound numbers, andsigma calculations, as well as highly advancedcalculations such as piecewise and user-defined formulas.
Brand-new software keyboard

Computer Algebra System (CAS)

Laplace transforms
Laplace transforms
Fourier transforms
Fourier transforms

The CAS supports everything from Expand, Factor, Solve, and other basic commands to advanced commands like Fourier and Laplace transforms.

eActivity application

An eActivity is like a digital worksheet that can be created andworked with on the fx-CP400. All of the powerful features andcapabilities of the fx-CP400 can be incorporated into aneActivity. In addition to performing the same calculations asthe Main application, an eActivity will accept text entry, justlike a word processor. Graphs, as well as Geometry andSpreadsheet data, can be stored in an eActivity file.
eActivity Application 

Graph & Picture

The calculator comes pre-loaded with visuals such as a single image (still image) of the curve of an arched bridge. The use of real-life visuals as background images for functionssuch as the drawing of graphs overlaid on color images makes mathematics learning a more visually familiar experience.

Graph & Picture 1
Select the formula for the graph you want to create.

arrow R

Graph & Picture 2
A graph screen with a visual appropriate for creating a graph of the selected function is displayed.

Graph & Picture 4
Congratulations! Your graph is complete.

arrow L

Graph & Picture 3
Change the graph by repeatedly changing coefficient to create a graph that visually matches the parabola.

C2P files — Single images

Plotted C2P files can be used in Graph & Table, eActivity, Conics, Sequence, and Statistics.


©styf –

Phillip Minnis

©Phillip Minnis –


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Steve Beckle

©Steve Beckle –

3D Graph Application

©Olivier G –

Juha-Pekka Kervinen

©Juha-Pekka Kervinen –

More than 40 pictures are pre-loaded on the fx-CP400!

Graphing function

Display formulas and related graphs in the same color and highlight graphcharacteristics by displaying scale marks, grids, and coordinate values. The vivid colordisplay of the fx-CP400 improves the visibility of graphs and formulas.
Graphing function 1
Area of inequality shading,
grid lines, numbers on axes
Graphing function 2
A different color for
each graph and figure
Graphing function 3
∫dx intersection


Students can learn general theorems by drawing figures. Dropping a geometricfigure into the Main application window will produce the numerical data for thefigure. An Animation function enables students to move geometric figures drawn onthe screen. The fx-CP400 supports drawing of conics using a focus.

Geometric graphing
Geometric graphing

Geometric graphing using drag & drop
Geometric graphing using drag & drop

Spreadsheet application

Collected data can be organized and tabulated for analysis after statistical graphingis complete. Spreadsheet data also can be used in table calculations. In addition, thefx-CP400 supports the following functions: search, sort, data import from and exportto lists, matrices, and variables, CellIf, and Histogram/Box-whisker graphing.
Spreadsheet application

Color Link

The fx-CP400 features the Color Link function, which automatically links colors specified on the spreadsheet screen with colors used in graphs to support learning of functions by enabling visual confirmation of changes in values or trends.

Color Link
Use Color Link to link the color of text and graphs.

Differential Equation Graph application

The solution set of a differential equation can be represented graphically as a vectorfield, and solution curves can be drawn by providing initial conditions for theequation. First, second, and n-th order differential equations are supported.
Differential Equation Graph application

Financial application

This fx-CP400 application provides a total of 15 different financial calculations,including simple/compound interest, cash flow, amortization, depreciation, bondcalculation, and operating/financial leverage.

Financial application



  • CAS (Computer Algebra System)
  • Algebra Assistant
  • Fractions
  • Transformation (simplify, expand, factor)
  • Function graphing, polar, parametric and x = f (y) equations
  • Numeric evaluation of functions in tables
  • Graph solve (root, max, intersection, inflection, distance)
  • Conics graphs (Parabola, Circle, Ellipse, Hyperbola, General figure)
  • Conics graph solve (Focus, Vertex, Directrix, Symmetry, Center, Radius)
  • Recursive and explicit sequence numerical tables and plots
  • Number Base (base 2 (Bin), 8 (Oct), 10 (Dec) and 16 (Hex))
  • Laplace transform, Fourier transform, Fast Fourier transform (FFT)


  • Hyperbolics
  • Integration, Differential
  • Differential equation
  • Σ, ∏, lim
  • Dirac Delta, Heaviside Unit Step, Gamma


  • Statistical plot (Scatter Plot, xyLine, Normal Probability Plot, Histogram, Box-whisker plot)
  • Statistical regression graphs




  • Data communication (via USB and 3-pin cables)
  • USB cable for connecting with PC
  • 3-pin cable for connecting with other ClassPad unit or EA-200


  • Graphing function
  • Drag & drop
  • Natural format input of equations and expressions
  • Natural format display of results
  • Math, Alphabet, 2D soft keyboards
  • Command catalogue soft keyboard
  • Shift key configuration
  • Calculation History
  • Mantissa + exponent: 10 + 3
  • Interactive manipulation for solving equations
  • Differential equation graphs
  • Numeric equation solver
  • Financial calculations
  • Icon menus
  • Full screen display/Split screen display
  • Software upgradeability (maintenance, feature upgrades)
  • User-defined variable
  • User-defined function (extends built-in functions)
  • Folder-based memory management
  • Resetting/Initializing memory
  • Selectable display language
  • Auto Power Off (APO)
  • Bundled Screen Receiver Software
  • Ending Screen/User-defined Ending Screen
  • Graph & Picture
  • Horizontal screen view
  • Length unit


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