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3M™ Whiteboard Film


3M™ Whiteboard Film is a brand new architectural finish which has whiteboard capabilities. Write down ideas from a various situation during conversations, lectures and meetings immediately. The installation of 3M™ Whiteboard surface is fast and easy. It’s also the perfect solution for refurbishing old whiteboard, or upgrading existing whiteboard. Enrich your communicative ability for your business and life.


Product Description


3M™ Whiteboard Films offer all the fun and utility of whiteboard:

1. Super-light and erasable using standard whiteboard markers

2. By simple application on walls and partitions, one can create a whiteboard surface in virtually any size

3. Wide variety of applications: from office meeting rooms, universities, kindergarten and schools to retail and many others

3M™ Whiteboard Film (WH-111)

The WH-111 is a glossy white polyester film with whiteboard capabilities. Its construction gives this product the unique feature that texts and drawings, written with water based whiteboard markers, can be easily removed. Its high gloss surface allows smooth writing. Thanks to its thinness and light weight, it maximizes active space of meeting room comparing to traditional whiteboards and screens with legs.

3M™ Whiteboard & Projection Film (PWF-500)

The PWF-500 is a matte, white, PVC film with whiteboard and projection screen capabilities. It offers excellent viewing angle characteristics, in addition to uniform brightness in any angles.

Not only it is much lower in weight than traditional projector screens, it also saves space with perfect architectural integration features into the ambient office interior. It improves creativity and productivity of meetings by making whole walls as whiteboard and screen. Using water based whiteboard markers, the film is easily erasable and washable. PWF-500 offers great versatility for interior application of office rooms, retail, schools and other private or public buildings.

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3ft x 4ft, 4ft x 6ft


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